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TopKnot Girl was created in 2014 when new-mum-of-two Holly realised there was no time to style her hair. That's me - Holly!
TopKnot Girl launched with a small collection of 12 pieces, and the rest, they say - is history?
I'm not too sure about that, but my handmade pieces have been posted off far and wide, and I hope they have saved many from a typical 'bad hair day'!
The accessories are designed to be mixed and matched with any outfit - they go so well with jeans, oversized jumpers, leggings and of course a practical and fun TopKnot (or mum-bun) hairstyle.
TopKnot Girl headwear is handmade in a variety of sizes from our small studio on the NSW Mid North Coast.
At TopKnot Girl, we are passionate about Headwear - I test the styles, colours and materials to make sure they are comfortable, practical and durable for your styling needs.
Check us out on socials and become part of the journey!
xx Holly xx