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poppy rose earrings

Hi, I'm Poppy and I'm 8, My Mum is Holly and she has been making TopKnot Girl 'stuff' since I was a baby. 

Mum has always helped me to be creative and I have wanted to make my own earring designs since I got my ears pierced when I was 4. I had to be so brave to get them done but I wanted to get them pierced to wear pretty earrings like Mummy does. 

I called it 'Poppy Rose' because it's got my name in it (Poppy) and I like the name rose too as it's also a flower. 

My brother is 10 and also helps me in the business. He writes some of the cards but his writing is messier than mine and he is older. He also helps match the colours with me and put the earrings onto cards and he will help me pack them into boxes if people order them on the online shop. 

We like to do a 'business' sometimes to make pocket money. William spends his money on K-Zone magazines, books and Nintendo Switch stuff most of the time, but I like to save mine for special things. I don't know what I am saving for next. I love Barbies and want a Barbie Ambulance, but Mum says I have so much Barbie stuff I don't have room for one. 

I hope you like my designs. Thank you for having a look at them. I am excited to make some more earrings soon. Mum helps with the glue as it is a bit toxic for kids she says. 

Have fun shopping. From Poppy. x x