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Poppy's Princess Party

As the year draws to an end, and Christmas smacks us in the face, I am also slapped with the reality that my babies both have birthdays in the short weeks after the new year. 

I love throwing them a party, and a combined one is even more convenient, considering their happy days are only two weeks apart. 

Two years ago they had a combined "Rainbow" themed party. It was so fun to plan, and such a bright and colourful day. 

Our matching Rainbow Love BowKnots (I think we should re-release these! yea?).

Some of our sweet Rainbow decorations (images are prior to me being able to style anything terribly well! Hah!)

Rainbow poster (custom) from Tall Blank Wall, Tassel Garland from DD Brand, Straw Toppers + Card Banner "One & Four" from Merc and Jones.

Last year, William decided he wanted his party to be at a local play centre (yes! the ones that smell of dirty socks and give the kids cheezels as snacks!), much to my disgust. I went with it, because 5 year olds are very persuasive, and he had a great time! I did make him a Hot Wheels inspired cake, with a few themed decorations and party bags, because I literally couldn't resist! 

It's amazing what some chocolate cookies, smarties and liquorice can achieve! 

For these party favours, I used a paper "Hot Dog" type box/food container and filled with popcorn, bubbles, tattoos, party poppers, stamps, hot wheels cars (boys ones), lip smacker and unicorn toy (girls ones), and a few other small favours. Most of these items were found at the $2 type shop, Woolworths, Coles and Big W. 

This year I was able to do a girlie parry for Poppy! William had the Hot Wheels gig and now it was time for something perfectly pink and pretty!

I decided to throw her a Princess Party! Everything was pretty, and there was loads of pink!

Theme: Poppy's Princess Party (age 2)

Colours: Pink & Gold

Brief: A fun party for all the little girls to enjoy (on a budget!).

The party was meant to be outside, but the skies were dark. We made a decision to move the party inside, and lucky we did because it bucketed down just minutes after we got the last of the decorations in!

In the lead up to the party, I made heaps of things; including decorations, loot bags and activities! These didn't break the bank either!

It was the best day. Despite the rain, the little girls all had fun, and the floors swept up quickly and easily at the end! Hah! 

Here are some highlights from the day. I've tried to tag most of the suppliers for you too!

You can also see most of these images on our Instagram feed and search #poppysprincessparty 

I had this craft punch already, and bought a packet of pink and gold glitter card from Spotlight. I used it to punch heaps of crowns and used a hot glue gun to stick them onto cheap bottles of bubbles.

I used the crowns also to decorate paper straws and added them to the top of party hats (also purchased from Spotlight) as well as some tinsel ribbon (that was like 20c a roll in the post Christmas clearance sales!). 

I was able to source loads of party pretties from some amazing stores I discovered though Instagram! Lavender Honey and Co made this gorgeous Tassel Garland, the YAY Cake Topper/s, the Crown Cupcake Toppers and we also got the giant Confetti Balloon there too (which we didn't end up using because of the rain!).

The timber keepsake "2" garland was from Juji Designs and the Plates, Cups and Party Favours were from Little Ginger Co.

Little Ginger Co came to the party (hah!) with the supply of their gorgeous party favours. We had Tulle Wands, Sparkle Masks, Crowns, Ribbon Wands and Crown Hair Clips. Slight overkill - but loot bags are my thing!

In the week leading up to the party, I made a few batches of Thermomix Playdoh, adding a little more colouring each time. I scented them with lavender essential oils and added glitter. They stored well in containers, and we've only just thrown out the last lot (almost a year on!).

A few more goodies here including this Rainbows and Whimsy Crown, Zilvi name plaque, Little Lou Lous Bloomers ("Vintage"! haha!) and the lovely Little Ginger Co Cups and Plates. 

Fit for any Princess!

I used my East and Co house shelf to house the cupcakes. Everyone loved it, especially the little girls! Those Lavender Honey and Co toppers looked amazing!

The Cake Topper also, amazing! The candle was $1 at Coles, and the Fairy was a 20c bargain from Spotlight (leftover Christmas decoration). 

I used these Mae-Saye Designs paper flowers to decorate, and, of course, our Classic BowKnots in shades of pink!

For food, I made this princess caramel slice. I just used a regular caramel slice recipe, but made it with white chocolate instead of the regular dark chocolate most recipes call for. I added sprinkles, mini marshmallows and some edible icing flowers from the baking aisle. It was sooo sweet, but got devoured!

Some other food ideas were fruit "wands", jelly cups with little silver spoons resting on top, pink lollies and some pinwheels. These are easy! Top puff pastry with tomato paste, cut up ham and grated cheese. Roll and cut into rounds. Bake for about 10-15mins until golden. Yum!


Poppy wore this 'Little Miss Princess" tee from Cotton On Kids, and this custom pink Tutu skirt, handmade by Are You Jello.

 She had the BEST day, and we've all remembered it and enjoyed those pink, princessy memories!

I hope this has inspired you to create a Princess Party too! Please tag me on Instagram @topknotgirl_ if you do! I'd love to see!

Now to source, gather and plan a Pool Party for this years combined 6 & 3 parties! Eek! 

Wish me luck!

x x x Holly.


Social Night "2" wrap up + WIN the goodie bag (worth $285+)~!

Social Night "2" wrap up + WIN the goodie bag (worth $285+)~!


Our Second Social Night Workshop was amazing! 

We hosted 12 amazing biz babes, in an intimate workshop in Port Macquarie last night. 

We ate delicious treats, laughed a lot, and discovered many exciting ways to improve, grow and use our Social Media to move our businesses to the next level!

Oh, and it was a whole lot of fun!

A huge thanks to Elise from Koketopia for providing our gorgeous Kokodama plants for the night (Elise attended workshop 1, and has since launched her gorgeous range of plants! How cool!), and Anna from Print and Party for the super cute chocolate bar wrappers. 
We also workshopped some flatlays, and attendees were invited to bring in some of their products to incorporate. 

Goodie Bags!

The Workshop Goodie Bags were well received too. Everyone has been enjoying all the sneak peeks on our Instagram feed in the lead up to the event. 

17 amazing businesses collaborated with us, in sending some amazing gifts to the Workshop attendees. These gifts/products will be amongst many future collaborations, flatlays and styling, as well as being enjoyed in daily life by all the hustling girls that came!

A huge thanks to these businesses for sending their goodies;

TopKnot Girl – Headband

Aria and Harper – Clay Bead Keyring

Behind the Door – Sparkle Earrings

Chamonix Rain Organics – Hand and Body Cream

Collective One – Scented Candle

Custom Printz – Perspex Print

Decor Me - Magnet

The Infant Massage Baby Boutique – Handmade Products

Jazmin Bell – Eye Pillow

Kayelle Designs – Leather Beaded Necklace

Lecky Studio – Perspex Leopard Necklace

Media Freedom – Printed Cards

Milk and Cookies by Jewels – Lactation Granola

My Bebe Cadum – Tote Bag

Poesie Handmade – Leatherette Button Earrings

Tall Blank Wall – Mini Print Pack

Wahboo – Handmade Ring

Zilvi – Timber Feather Décor


THANK YOU all so much, for amazing, generous goodie bag treats!

A little treat for you...

For those that couldn't attend - we've decided to give away one full Goodie Bag, valued at $285+.

You'll receive one of each of the amazing products listed above, domestic postage included! 

To enter, see below, and be following all our amazing contributors on Instagram. You're probably already following a heap of them, so your entry won't take long!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


To enter, you are agreeing to Instagrams terms and conditions. This giveaway is not associated with Instagram in any way. You must be 18+. Open worldwide. Domestic postage included. Ends Sunday, 4th Dec, midnight AEDT. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of giveaway ending, and will be chosen by random using the rafflecopter app you've entered with. Winners account must be public from 5-6/12/16 for winner selection to be verified. Winner must be following all Instagram accounts. Facebook option is optional for extra entries. Good luck! 

~ Lisa 'Lou Lou' and her incredible Bloomers ~

~ Lisa 'Lou Lou' and her incredible Bloomers ~

I first 'met' Lisa back in 2011. She was a Bloomer Queen and a true 'Handmaiden'. The Facebook handmade businesses were taking over the world (back before sponsored posts and algorithms!) and Lisa was there, a headliner in that world that I was slowly breaking my way into. 
I was a Doll Maker (my business was called Ruby&Mud) and had the absolute privilege to be involved in several collaborations and handmade market nights with Lisa and her stunning work. 

At the end of 2015, I began planning a 'Princess' party for my (then) almost two year old girl. I found a 'BNWT' (brand new with tag) pair of Princess Lou Lou's for sale on a handmade buy and sell page. I snatched them up for maybe $20, and they were 'vintage' (circa 2012/2013) as such, because I remember Lisa had closed her virtual Bloomer shelves (she shares about that in the interview, below). 
I took a few party shots for my Instagram feed, and one shot had the Bloomers in it.
I thought of Lisa, and decided to hunt for her, but was unsuccessful.

The sweet Princess Bloomers that I scored!

A month or so later, she was back. Some how I got a glimpse of a Bloomer that someone shared, and I knew they were hers. I tagged my image (and freaked Lisa out - as she had no idea who I was and what this tagging was - haha!) and the rest - was history!
After much encouraging (ok begging) her to believe that the "new Facebook" (aka Instagram) would love her and her Bloomers, just as much as the oldies did, she had to come to terms with it - and she's GONE FOR IT!
Check Lisa and her amazing Bloomers out here, and her Instagram feed here
Ok, lets do this! 

~ Lisa "Lou Lou" and her incredible Bloomers ~

1. Introduce yourself in a sentence or two. Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do?

My name is Lisa AKA 'Lou Lou' or 'Lisa Jane' when I'm in trouble! 😉

I'm 34, living in a small country town in Qld with my hubby, juggling my mumlife of two gorgeous kids & my small handmade biz 'Little Lou Lou'.

2. What has been your career/creative journey up until now. 

Like so many mums, motherhood has really changed the trajectory of my career path and made me really examine my priorities and the direction my life was heading.
I was actually studying psychology at University when I first stumbled upon the Australian handmade community in my Facebook feed way back in 2010, and I became really enchanted with the idea of having a small creative biz while still being able to stay at home with my daughter.

I was in awe of all of the other hustling mamas & the thriving creative community and I just really wanted in! Which, looking back, was kinda cray because I couldn't sew a stitch, but the thought just wouldn't let me go, so I convinced my hubby that I needed a sewing machine and started teaching myself.

Somehow my new hobby turned into a little biz that was taking up a lot of my time and I decided to take a study 'break', and although I loved Psychology, Ive never really looked back! 

3. What made you decide to make and sell your gorgeous 'Bloomies'?

I had bought a pair of beautiful handmade Bloomers for my baby niece and I thought they were the cutest item of clothing I had ever seen!

It's funny thinking about all of the things I could have chosen to make, why I decided on Bloomers, but they were really popular at the time & a relatively quick sew so I decided to just have a crack at it!

My first pairs were awful, real shockers! Lol! But I persevered and tinkered and eventually found my own distinctive style and tens of thousands of pairs later I still love making them.

They're just so versatile, I love pushing the limits and seeing how fancy I can make them! They're not just Bloomers to me anymore, they're my creative canvas! 

4. Can you share with us a win, within your creative journey?

After having my son in 2013 I took a long break from my biz and in the time that I was away the whole small biz landscape changed and to be honest, when I first came back to work it almost felt like I had been left behind.

Many of my peers and biz social network had moved on and I felt isolated and out of my depth like the old lady of handmade who couldn't keep up with the changing trends ,let alone get her head around social media changes.

My design aesthetic is far from minimalist, monochromatic or Scandinavian, I had never even heard of a 'Brand Rep' or 'Flatlay' and like what the heck was a Loop Giveaway anyway? It was terrifying for me & I had a lot of insecurities and self doubt...

But after a lot of self talk and some real talk with a few old friends who had stood tall in their biz through the winds of change (not mentioning any names *cough* Holly *cough*), I finally realised that I really did have something of value to offer and that all of this change that I had been resisting and resenting actually offered an opportunity for my biz to grow and thrive.

I accepted my piece of humble pie and took my place as a 'new' biz on the scene and honestly just made the decision to suck it up and learn from those around me.
I relaunched in Feb 2016 and 9 months later my biz has never been better! I'm as busy as I ever was, but more importantly I've rebuilt my biz in a way that has created a lifestyle for my family that I really love, that's a huge win for me! 

5. What about a loss or experience that challenged you?

Before I took my biz break in 2013 I experienced what could only be described as a mental health crisis. Juggling a newborn & a small biz is challenging enough - but throw in mental health issues and you've got yourself a perfect storm.

I knew that I needed to take a step back from my biz but i was so caught up with comparison and FOMO (fear of missing out), all I could see around me was other mums who seemed to be rocking their biz and perfecting the art of the mumlife/biz mum juggle, and all I could think was 'I don't know how she does it' and more often 'why can't I do it too?'.

I pushed and pushed myself until I couldn't push or pretend any longer, something had to give, and unfortunately that was not only my biz but also my sanity. I walked away from my biz feeling exhausted, ashamed and broken hearted, not sure if I would ever find my way back to it. But here I am! 

The reason I chose to share this story, my story, instead of say a funny little anecdote about that time I sent someone a Bunny Bloomer and the bunny tail disintegrated in the wash (totally happened by the way!), is because I know my story isn't unique. I've seen other biz mums fall abruptly off the radar over the years in times of crisis in their lives and I just wanted to say to ALL biz mums that it's ok to take time out, the world will not end, your biz can survive, take the time that you need to look after you and yours! 

There will be absolute QUEENS willing to reach out an pull you up when you return. And that woman you see magically balancing all of the balls in the air? The reality is she's dropped one under the couch and its covered in dog hair and sultanas and she probs doesn't even know it's there...
"You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.  
- Sierra Boggess

6. Where do  you find your inspiration for the next piece/collection?

Oh inspiration is everywhere! Literally, because I'm a very messy human! It's in a piece of ribbon that just happens to fall onto a pretty cotton print by accident, in a bunch of blooms my hubby brings home and even in the work of other handmaidens. And calm your farms, I don't mean copying! I mean that I will see a colour combination or texture on a doll or floral crown and I feel compelled to try it out on a Bloomer.

I'm not particularly trend driven in my work but I also do try to be aware of what is popular, like the obsession with boho right now, and try to find my own interpretation of the style and subtly incorporate it into my work without selling my soul! 

7. Who inspires you, and why?

Well, without being wanky, you (Holly) do. I am in awe of the way you confidently throw yourself into new things without overthinking, I think you're super brave and have a great attitude!

 But also Jess Van Den from Create & Thrive/Epherielle. I love her approach to her creative biz, she's hugely successful in her biz but seems equally passionate about creating and maintaining that elusive work/life balance that fulfills her. That's exactly what I strive for too! 

Gorgeous Christmas Bloomers + Matching TopKnot Girl Christmas Bonnet
Poppy in a pair of Pom Pom Lou Lou's
Some of Lisa's lovely styling, alongside our Lilac Bonnet
A HUGE thanks to Lisa for being so open, raw and fun in our interview. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have in putting it together! 
Please check out Little Lou Lou's gorgeous Bloomers!
More soon x x Holly

5 Ways to style your TopKnot Girl DoubleWrap Headband

5 Ways to style your TopKnot Girl DoubleWrap Headband

I thought I would post a quick tutorial here for anyone wanting some DoubleWrap tying tips and inspo! 

Lets get to it!

1. Double Knot

Start with the centre of the Headband on the nape of your neck/base of head. Bring the two ends up and tie one knot. Tie a second, loose knot, moving it about to sit "flatter". Secure two ends by tucking into the back sections of the Headband. 

2. Twist Knot

Our DoubleWraps can be tied to look like the TwistKnot style we also sell. Start again at the nape of neck/base of head. Bring both ends up and cross over fully. Bring them back down on the opposite sides they came up. Tie at back (if long enough) or tuck into the back of your Headband.


3. Big Bow

Start again at the nape of neck/base of head. Bring two ends up, tying in one firm knot. Add a loose, chunky, messy bow. Practice makes perfect (or imperfect!) here. Fiddle with your bow, until you've got it sitting as you like it. I like it off centre and messy!


4. Rose Knot

Again, begin at the nape of neck/base of head. Bring two ends up and tie a firm knot. Use each end to wrap around the knot, on opposing sides, in a circular motion. Secure by tucking ends under the main band.


5. Double Wrap

This is the main style I made this Headband for, originally. I didn't think of the others until later on, or someone else styled them up! For this one, begin with the centre of the wrap on the front of your head. Bring the two ends down and cross over at the nape. Bring them back up and secure on top with a double knot - resulting in a small bow. Cute! 

We hope you enjoy our DoubleWrap Headbands. You can find them in our store, in an array of colours and a few patterns. 

We'd love to see you styling yours! Tag us @topknotgirl_ and #topknotgirl on Instagram!

x o x Holly - TopKnot Girl. 



The ULTIMATE Christmas 2016 gift giving guide!

The ULTIMATE Christmas 2016 gift giving guide!

So, its Christmas, again, and you're kinda unprepared?
Welcome to the club!
We love to shop, but realise some of you don't - not so much because of the "shopping" part (although, I am very grateful for online shopping from the comfort of my couch!), but more so, because you really don't know what to buy!
Picture the crowded shopping centres. Limited car parking, tacky Christmas music, children pestering parents (GAH!), hustle and bustle, lines as long as your shopping list, frustration, and the list goes on. 
There is no need to do any of that! Hooray!
Here, we've collaborated with 28 amazing businesses and brands, to compile for you, what we think is the complete and ultimate Christmas shopping guide. 
We've got 6 categories for you - that cover all the bases for gift selection, and each set of imagery contains the product brand, description and a direct link of where to purchase it from! 
Our categories include; Girls, Boys, Babies, Him, Her and Home
All of our products have been sourced from handmade or smaller, start up brands. We love to support the "Shop Small" movement!
Grab your pen and paper and get ready to cross all of those names off your list!
We all have a sweet little girl in our lives, and we've tried to cover all the bases here in terms of age, practicality and of course - what the girls you're shopping for will actually want! I love a girlie assortment of things, especially this lot of Christmas loot!
Goodness, could this stash get any sweeter?

Our top gift picks for Girls;

How cute is our TopKnot Girl "Dolly + Me" BowKnot Headband set. Available in assorted colours and sizes. So much fun, and the perfect stocking filler! ($6 Dolly, $13 Child).

Stop your girls getting into your expensive products with Little Makeup Lovers Play Makeup Sets. Choose from a few different set combinations of gorgeous play make up, cosmetic bags and brushes (from $26.95).

Pretty Little Things is home to many handmade Dolls and Doll accessories. These Dollies are unique and special. An heirloom gift for any little girl. Their new collection is now released in store. "Posey Beauty" (from a previous collection) is pictured here (from $120), made with lots of love and attention to detail.

Red Bobble beaded pieces are amazing! We've loved this brand for many years now, and are excited to feature the Lolly Pop Necklace ($14.95) and Apple "Bobble it Yourself" Kit ($25). Gorgeous pieces that will entertain the girls, as well as give them a sweet piece of jewellery to wear!

Confetti Kids has an incredible store. Loads of goodies there. We've fallen in love with these Iconic Toy Biscuits. Our fave is the 100's and 1000's. These have numbers on the reverse, perfect for encouraging counting and other games ($29.95).

As you can see, the girls are going to go crazy for these gifts!


I've a little boy (5) and a sweet girl (2) and I always find my son harder to buy for. There's plenty of things he likes (mainly plastic toy sets with thousands of small pieces), but I do prefer to find interesting toys and fun pieces to inspire imagination and encourage adventures.


Wouldn't any boy go nuts for these?

Our top gift picks for Boys;

Oh Ivy has a huge array of quality, plastic animals. There's many ranges to choose from, but we couldn't go past these Dinosaurs (from $6.99) for any little Boy! Hours of imagination ahead, these animals are amazing quality and can even be played with in water and sand. 

Keld Industries are supplying us with these amazing Candy Lab Wooden Car toys. They are incredibly made, a piece to be kept for years to come. Available in a range of cars, and presented in a lovely box, we love CandyCab and Blue74 ($40ea). 

This Castle Puzzle ($58.95) from One Spotty Dog is made up of 12 individual pieces, and is completely handmade! Endless hours or building and creating ahead with this awesome piece! You will be wowed at the ideas your little comes up with!

Those Little Toes is a store filled with socks. We chose these Puppy Dog Socks ($12) as they are fun for the kids, but fill that "practical" type of gap when stuffing the stocking. They also remind me of "Hey Duggee" haha!

Another cool idea are these necklaces from Critterz. They customise orders and characters to your needs. The Hulk is always a fave around here! Superhero Necklaces ($25) are one of the faves for boys.

I hope that we've covered some amazing gifts for the little men in your lives. Prepare for imagination and a little excitement to take over!



We've shopped neutral for Baby this year. I know most of these suggestions come in other colours, but theres something pretty perfect about greys and a pop of mustard. 

A fab line up of gifts here for the little ones or the newbies that you're eagerly awaiting. They all need a little something under the tree.

I know, I know.. *Insert exploding ovaries here*!

Our top gift picks for Baby;

Lets start at the top, and cover Baby's head with a cute Bonnet from us at TopKnot Girl. Available in an array of colours, you can add a brim or even little ears, if you want. Mustard Modern Bonnet in sizes from NB-3+ ($33).

Say hello to Banjo, a soft, organic cotton comforter from the amazing range that Kippins offers. The sweetest friend for your bebe to clutch and depend on. Kippins comforters are just divine ($39).

A sweet baby romper is always welcomed. Baby Dino stock many, but this Wilson and Frenchie Bodysuit ($29.95) is just so sweet. 

We spied this sweet, timber sectioned plate over at Dove & Dovelet. The cute car design just stole our hearts. Perfect for little fingers to use, while discovering new foods. Car Snack Plate ($30), just gorgeous.

Momk Baby have been designing and hand-making divine baby booties for over two years. The Classic Booties ($45) are the perfect addition to any little wardrobe.

Kip & Co linen is a must on the Christmas list. We couldn't go past this Zebby cotton baby blanket with Pom Poms ($89), can you?

Our Babies will defiantly be spoiled this year! 



Possibly the hardest gift to source - Men! Dad, Brother, Husband, Partner, you name Him - it's often a struggle. 

Our guide here consists of 5 amazing gifts that will be sure to accomodate all the males on your shopping list!

I know, right! I told you we nailed the "Him" category!

Our top gift picks for Him;

For the guy that takes care of his shoes, this Buff and Shine Shoe Polish Kit ($40) from Not Quite Square has it all zipped up! A trendy little gift that covers all the bases. 

Beau Hudson has a large range of Men's accessories, but we couldn't go past their Military Bandit Beanie ($25) for the trendy ones!

A print for the wall or framed for the desk is a great gift idea. Tall Blank Wall designed this Adventure themed print ($8 A5 size) is masculine and inspiring. 

The Horse is a brand that most of us recognise. Their quality Time Tellers are classic and timeless (no pun intended!). This is their Matte Black/White Face/Tan Leather Time Teller, and at $149, its a great gift.

For the man that likes a little pampering, but of course, in a manly way - make sure to pop a Sal Remedia Daily Grind Coffee Body Scrub ($16.95) into his stocking. That coffee aroma is awesome on the skin, and is packed with antioxidants.

I think you can agree, these choices are much better than a gift card for the special Men in your life?!



Buying for Her (or even ourselves, as most of you reading this will be female!) is a tough gig. Aunts, Mothers, Sisters and Best Friends can be almost impossible to shop for.

We've searched high and low for this years choices, and we hope that you love them!

Bright colours have made the cut, because it's summer, and we need them! Other colours in the selected gifts are available from the suppliers. 

Our top gift picks for Her;

Little Tienda has a range of Mexican-inspired clothing and accessories that we all go mad for. Bright and breezy, the La Flor Blouse ($99) screams summer, and it's the perfect gift! I love this top with the Magdalena Jumpsuit ($240, not pictured) for the ultimate stylish gift.

 Feather and Noise decided their Turkish Towels ($39) was a must-have gift this Christmas - and we totally agree! How gorgeous over swimmers, or even draped over the shoulders as a scarf. We love this Towel!

Emily Green jewellery have always had my heart. Ive a few pieces in my collection, and just love the Chalk 9 Bead Necklace and Black and White Texta Drop Earrings ($49.95 ea). A bold, statement accessory duo that any babe would thank you for!

Mocked carry a lovely range of leather products, including this gorgeous Carry All Clutch (pictured in Elephant, $59.95). A great size for summer parties and long lunches. 

Last on the list for Her, is our very own TopKnot Girl Classic Chambray DoubleWrap ($18). Perfect to roll up and pop into the stocking, or even use to tie the gift up! Super practical, and perfect for gift giving as its one size. 

Enjoy selecting and shopping from our gorgeous gift selections for Her!



I know you may not buy gifts for your "Home" (haha!) but I did think it was a fabulous category to include. 

Homely gifts are timeless and practical. The perfect item to spoil yourself with, or gift a host on Christmas Day or at those lovely Christmas parties we all enjoy. 

I know you're now thinking "actually, my home does need a gift..."

Our top gift picks for the Home;

Home Sweet Home - it really is. This pom pom trimmed Banner ($39.33) from Marshmello is handmade in NZ. Gorgeous and bold, its a sweet gift and lovely statement. 

I Love Linen recently launched this french linen, Double Sided Cushion in Warm grey and Rose Clay ($39.95) teamed with a luxe down insert ($19.95), its a beautiful gift for any home. 

Haru Home is where you'll find these divine Shibori Linen Tea Towels ($18ea). Hand dyed on Magnetic Island, and beautifully finished with a leather tag.

If you are after a Candle. check out the range at Ollie and Ava. We've opted for this Family Name Personalised Candle ($39.95) for a sweet touch. There's a huge range of scents to choose from, we chose french pear. 

Zilvi is a favourite brand of ours, and we love their Lovers Initial Plaque. Personalise one for your own home, or make yourself look amazing when presenting it as the perfect gift. Available in assorted sizes, this is the large ($40).

Well, there's the Home gifts - sorted!


That brings us to the end of our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2016.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and previewing these amazing gifts. Please make sure to get shopping soon. Be organised this year so you can kick back and enjoy all the festivities and fun that the Christmas season has to offer!

Please make sure to check out our Instagram feed for more images, links to the featured businesses amazing Instagram accounts and any special offers they might have! 

Merry Christmas! x x x

Holly + Team TopKnot.